The Final Adelaide Bouldering Competition for 2015

Sport Climbing South Australia has got together this year with the hope of building the rock climbing in South Australia by putting together a series of climbing and bouldering competitions held between the climbing gyms in Adelaide (Vertical Reality, Adelaide Bouldering Club and Southern Boulder).  They have done a great job organising quality competitions throughout the year and have shown the potential for sport climbing here in SA.

We were super exited to be involved in this years series and to team up with Adelaide Bouldering Club, Vertical Reality and Sport Climbing SA with these competition.  The week of the competition was a big week for everyone involved with four coats of climbing wall, cleaning every single hold and two and a half days of setting with eight different route setters getting involved.  It was a lot of work but left us with a great comp and an awesome set of boulder problems for the day that we have managed to keep on the wall for people to come and try.

For the final round we aimed for a more relaxed atmosphere with a four-hour pumpfest with to allow people to take time off from climbing grab some food and a few beers after they had finished climbing.  After the comp we had Filthy Lucre and Causing Hammock keep the night going while competitors and organisers had a a few drinks and relaxed into the night it was. All round we were really happy with the way the comp went with a few points to work on for next year.

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