Row Row Row The Thing


Back in the gym again to bring you guys some other workout ideas that you could do in the Southern Boulder gym or anywhere you feel like giving them a go for that matter.  They need minimal equipment so any gym should have what you need even if you have a home gym you are pretty likely to have what you need to give these a go.

Today’s workout as you may have guessed is row focused just putting in a handful of variations you can try.  Rowing exercises are the one of the best ways to build up strength and thickness in your back and strong backs make for strong climbing.

The workout

Again At the moment I am starting all my exercises with muscle ups definitely not what I would suggest as a warm up make sure to work within your limits.  I would suggest 10 min on the rowing machine would be a much better warm up for this workout.

Warm Up

3 sets of 5-muscle ups+1min on the bike



Bent over rows (wide grip)

 1x15 reps

2x10-12 reps

1x15 reps


Bent over rows (double underhand grip)

3x12 reps


T Bar Rows
1x12-15 reps

2x4-6 reps

1 x12-15 reps


One arm rows

3 x 4-6 reps per arm

And round out with some stretching

And that’s it for the work out


See you for the next one