Round 4 At Vertical Reality Climbing

Round 4 Of the Rise Holds Climbing series being put on by Sport Climbing South Australia at Vertical Reality Climbing and the results are up (


Make sure you get involed in the Adelaides climbing competitions going on throughout the year that are being shared between all thee of the climbing gyms in Adelaide (Vertical Reality Climbing, Adelaide's Bouldering Club and Southern Boulder) It is a great way to get involved in the climbing community and support the sport.


A big thanks to all our sponsors 


Black Riamond / Climbing Club Of South Australia / Weatsheaf Hotel / Metolious

And with added support from Beal and Evolv

And of course a the gyms Vertical Reality Climbing, Adelaide Bouldering Club and us at Southern Boulder

Getting involved in the competitions is a great way to support climbing Adelaide and get involved in the great community that surrounds it. So make sure to get involved in the series spread between the climbing gyms in Adelaide, Vertical Reality Climbing, Adelaide's Bouldering Club, and here at Southern Boulder