Press The Thing And Or Things


Today’s Shoulder Workout

Back in the gym again to bring another workout for a anyone looking to do some workouts in the Southern Boulder gym or any gym with limited equipment.  Today’s workout is shoulders so check it out and give it a crack

The Workout

Warm up

3x 5muscle ups and 1 min on the bike

Again this is not a warm up I would suggest but I began with warm up with muscle ups again to work on improving them but will be moving on to another every workout exercise pretty soon

The workout

Front to back Barbell press (not sure what they are called check out the video) 2 x12



Seated dumbbell press



Upright Rows superset with front raises
3x Rows12 – Front Raise 10


Face pulls superset with lateral raises

3x Face pulls 15 – Lateral Raises 10

And that’s it for the workout rounded out with some stretching and as you would have noticed with some foam rolling throughout between sets to work on some maintenance.   Make sure you keep working on your mobility throughout your workouts.

Well that’s if for this one see you guys in the next one