International Bench Day

It is international bench day…or at-least it was… I think. Anyway here is another workout in the Southern Boulder Gym and as you may have guessed it’s a pressing day, mainly bench-pressing to be more specific mainly bench-pressing day and this marks the last of this breakdown in the gym with more of a strength focus. 

These have all just been over views of my power cycle and more a representation of entire 8week block mashed into one video rather than of an individual work out.  Throughout the cycle I have been starting at a higher rep range (8ish) then each week dropping reps and raising the weight on my main lift until reaching a one or 2 rep max.  Although it has been fun throwing around some heavy weights (well its all relative) but I am super keen to change things around and have more of a climbing focus in training.


The Workout
Still Starting out with muscle ups
3 sets of 5 ish muscle ups and a 1 min on the bike

Bench Press
1 warm up set 10-15 with %30 ish
1 set 12 ish reps 60%
2set 12ish reps 70%
1 set 5 ish reps %80
1-2 reps 90%

Incline Dumbell
3x12 reps70%


Incline close grip press(not sure what its name is)super set with diamond pushups

3x10 close grip + pushups till failure