How To Put Up And Use A SlackLine

It was about time to replace Southern Boulder's Slackline so I thought I would put together a quick video of how to put it up and how to walk it.


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1 Find some suitable anchors and clear the space between of anything you may fall on (6-8M apart should be a good starting length)
2 Attach Tree Protectors
3Attatch slackline to post either with a sling or by looping it through its own loop (make sure to fold the slackline like a U so it come out of the loop flat 
4 Remove Twists From The Line Walking it out to the ratchet end

5 Attach Ratchet (repeat Slackline end)
6 Place the Slackline through the ratchet

7 Crank the racket up and make sure it is completely closed before walking on the line


On Youtube

Things to Think About
1 Keep your foot straight down the slackline

2 Keep your arms above you keeping your centre of gravity over the slackline

3 Keep your eye position fixed either on a point or the same distance away from you depending on what you are comfortable with

When I started I worked on lifting myself off the ground with one leg and holding 30 sec per leg then used that to start walking, then walking backwards and turning around on the line when I could consistently do all that I would increase the length of the slackline

Give it a go