How To Build A Roof Shaped Climbing Volume

All the climbing volumes I have been making have been ones that you can make with basic tools at home either for your home woody or if you have a climbing gym and want to make them on a budget

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What You Will Need

Power Saw
Drill and Impact Driver (just a drill will work fine)


Wood Glue
40mm screws
Ply Wood


All sizes can change to any size you want but the angles stay the same

The 2 triangular ends are exact mirrors of each other and for the trapezoid sides the under side  is the width of the plywood thinner than the top side.  All cuts that meet the wall are 45 degrees(on the triangular side 55 will work better but if you only have a standard power saw 45 works fine), 90 degrees to the joint of the trapezoid  and 35 degrees to the joints where the sides meet the triangles