How To Build A DIY Deadlift / Weightlifting Platform

Because sometimes pulling plastics isnt enough and we want to pull on something harder, steel to be precise.  If you aren’t incorporating any barbell movements into you training for climbing you probably should be because there are a whole range of benefits to barbell training that can help you out with your climbing.  Anyway this isn’t a post for preaching the barbell gospel (there will be another one for that) this is just here to help you out with putting together some equipment for your home gym.

Hopefully it helps you out



Apologies for the voice over...BLASTED YOUTUBE LICENCING
Anyway as you may have gathered the video is a how to build a Deadlift /weightlifting platform for your home gym or any gym depending on what you will how much work you are looking to put into your platform.
Let me know if there is any other gym/training/climbing equipment you would like a how to for and Ill see what I can do

Annnnny Hooo... What youll need

Plywood 12mm 2 sheets 2400x1200 (8x4 ft)
70x35(1.5 x 3 inch??ish) pine 2 lenghts 3.6m

12mm rubber mat 2 900x900(3x3ft)sheets

15-20mm screws
30-45mm screws
liquid nails
squeeze/caulking gun
Power Saw
Marking Equipment 

Let me know If it helped you out