Deadlift 'a' Doodle Dandy


Hey guys, I have decided to upload a few videos of some workouts that I have been doing in the Southern Boulder gym.  These aren’t what I would suggest for a beginner but just a few I ideas of what you can do with the equipment we have and in our fitness studio or you are likely to be able to do with what you might have in a home gym setup or just if you only have access to basic equipment.
We will continue to put up more videos with more workouts that you can use and alter to suit you

These workouts are trying to get in some volume but still building up to a couple of heavy lifts because some times it is nice just to stroke our egos just a little.  If you want to build up to a rep max I would suggest a slightly different pyramid but now isn’t the time to go through that

This workout consisted of

Warm up

I am currently trying to get some volume behind my muscle ups because well… im pretty shitty at them(but starting to get better) so I have been adding 3 sets of as many as I can do to each workout as part of my warm up then something specific to what I am doing for the session. I would definitely not suggest muscle ups for a warm up exercise make sure you are in tune with your body before you do any exercise especially something that strenuous.

So the warm up consisted of a set of 5(ish) muscle ups straight to 10 med ball tosses and do that 3 times.  The med ball throws were stolen from Mathew Vincent as something to add into part of your warm up to help get those explosive fibres firing seemed like a good idea and he does alright so I thought id give it a crack.   If you haven’t seen any of his stuff give him a search on the You Tubes he has some great content on there.  I usually throw in a bit of cardio with that but I was already feeling pretty warm stepping straight into the gym from work.

Lifty Lift Time

Still warming up I do a set of 10 dead lifts with about 25% of my 1 rep max weight, then a set of 10 about 40% to make sure everything is working how its meant to before I get started on any working sets.

All my working sets are to about 90% of failure, so you probably could get one more rep but only one more before your head explodes or you soil yourself.


So for today I did for my working sets of Dead Lifts

60% for 10 reps
80% for 4 reps
And 90% for 2 sets of one rep 1 rep

On a side note my percentages are extremely rough just a rough guide to give an idea just do what feels right at the time

After my After my big lift I have been doing a variation eg bands, snatch grip, deficit to change the stress and try and work on weak points

Today I went for deficit deadlifts

1 set of 5 on 30mm ply

then 2 sets of 8 on 60mm of ply

And to finish of another exercise that I am pretty average at

Front Squats
For these I just went for a couple of sets of 10 to round out the session

Hopefully you enjoyed it check out the video and head over and subscribe on youtube for more

Full Workout Break Down

Warm Up
3 sets of 5 muscle ups and 10 med ball tosses supper setted together

Dead Lifts

1 X 10 at 25%ish

1 X 10 at 40%ish


Working Lifts


Dead lifts

1X10 at 60%ish

1x4 at 80%

2x1 at 90%


Deficit Dead Lifts

1x5 on 30mm ply

2x8 on 60mm ply


Front squats
2x10  (…do more)