Bouldering At Southern Boulder

First off for people new to bouldering or rock climbing a bit about what bouldering is.  Bouldering is basically what you think of when you think of rock climbing but on smaller stuff and while you may think that sounds easy I can guarantee bouldering has something for people at all fitness levels.  In the spectrum of climbing from ‘Alpine climbing ‘that can take a huge amount of time to ‘Bouldering’ where a route could take under a minute but due to the shorter time frame in bouldering you are able to up the intensity of the moves involved in the climb the route making it a great way to push your limits or train for using movements on bigger projects with the added bonus that all you need is some shoes and some chalk making it a great way to get into the sport.


Grading for bouldering in Australia is a V grade system currently ranging from V0 to V16, V0 being easy V16 being why are you reading this dodgy blog post about what the grading system is when you should know all this because you are climbing professionally?  There are different climbing grading systems all over the world throughout the various styles of climbing that can make it quite confusing, but really for most people the grades are just a rough guide with everyone’s bodies being different can make a big difference to what a climb feels like climber to climber and really as good a reason as any to almost ignore grading  because when it comes down to it hard or easy it is all fun.

Time to hit the gym climbing and bouldering gyms are a great place to hone your skills in a safe environment (where you don’t need to take your bouldering mat …always a bonus), get yourself pushing your limits and ready for your outdoor projects or just get into shape.  There are several things in climbing gyms to help you get stronger on top of the wall itself like hang-boards, climbing ropes, campus boards and all kinds of other training equipment all with different workouts and different benefits to them.

Now to Southern Boulder we are a bouldering gym in Adelaide set up on a winery called Magpie Springs just south of Mclaren Vale in the Adelaide Hills. To keep consistency we have adopted very similar way of marking out climbs to the Adelaide Bouldering Club and Vertical Reality (Adelaide’s other climbing and bouldering gyms).  All climbs are marked by coloured tape on each hold with a L on each of the starting hand holds (could be either one or two holds) and a U marked under the finish hold.  For a climb to be finished you have to get both hands on the finish hold and hold it for 3 seconds (a controlled finish) not touching any of the other holds along the way.

Sound pretty straightforward?
Great come down for a climb

Southern Boulder