7 Reasons Climbing Is Great For Kids… And Their Parents

1 – They Are Naturally Good At It – A lot of the challenge for adults when they start climbing is getting over the strangeness of being on the wall and using your body in new ways, luckily for kids they haven’t spent the last 20+ years learning that they aren’t meant to move like that.  That and the combination of great strength to weight ratio and small hands that makes little holds into big jugs turns kids into great climbers. (Ashima Shiraishi was climbing at a world class level at 13 years old)

2 – It Is A Great Sport For Kids That Don’t Like Sports – It’s a great sport because you are not competing against other people as much as competing against the wall so kids can climb at any level without having to worry about what other people are doing.  It is also great for kids looking for some adrenaline in a safe environment, and fun so it will keep kids coming back that aren’t interested in typical sports.

3 – It Gets Your Kids Outside & Will Grow An Appreciation For Nature– We are always looking to get kids outside and climbing and bouldering is a great way to do it.  Climbing is a fun way for kids to get out in nature and interact with the natural world in a creative way.  Any time you are out enjoying a natural world it will always help build an appreciation for it, you just have to look at people that have been climbing, fishing, camping, hiking for years to see people that spend a lot of time outside have an appreciation and sense of responsibility for nature.

4 – It Makes Parents Life Easier – It is a great way to burn off energy and after being stuck at home climbing the walls, why not find some walls they should be climbing.

5 –Risk Management, Trust And Responsibility – Climbing and bouldering is a great way to teach risk and responsibility in a safe environment.  Looking at injuries over other popular sports climbing does a great job at teaching assessing risk.  And weather you are belaying on rope or spotting a climber when you are bouldering you are taking responsibility for the safety of the person on the wall and the climber has to trust you to stop them from hurting themselves during a fall

6 – Great Community – Climbing and bouldering is lucky enough to have great role models for the sport, all the way from top level climbers down to local climbing scene there is a great community around climbing.  Because of the nature of climbing you have to trust the people you climb with, anytime you are trusting your life to someone on the other end of a rope or a spotter keeping you from injury it cant help but build strong relationships with the people you climb with.

7 – Its Fun – One of the most important things, climbing is heaps of fun so you don’t need to try and convince your kids to get outside and be active they will be itching to get back to it and burn off that excess energy.