3 Ways Climbing Could Help You Look After Your Body & Lose Weight

Been indulging lately and looking for something to burn it off, why not get and try climbing? 


1 – The first and perhaps the most important thing is its fun and even more fun with friends. Weight loss and fitness is never going to be a quick fix so why not choose something that you enjoy enjoying your exercise will make it easy to keep at it and if you can keep at it you will start to see results.




2 – Climbing burns a huge amount of calories. The over arching rules for weight loss is calories in, calories out and climbing burns a huge amount, and because its fun wont even realise you are doing it. Fast jogging will burn around 390 calories per hour and light effort climbing burns over 450 calories according to calorie calculators



3 – Use your whole body while you climb.  Climbing and bouldering will have you using your body through a full range of motion building strength through a full range of motion, and this has huge benefits for your body.   Most people have a more sedentary lifestyle than the human body is designed to live and climbing does a great job of building all the muscles that don’t get used in your daily life and stretching the things that might be causing imbalances. You might think you wouldn’t be able to do it and this is why you should do it everyone starts somewhere and everyone will be able to get stronger and more flexible by working out trough a full range of motion. 

The other bonus for rock climbing and bouldering is it is easy to get started, all you need is something to climb and you are ready to go