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Southern Boulder is Adelaide’s newest rock climbing / bouldering gym situated on the beautiful Magpie Springs Vineyard just south of McLaren Vale (conveniently located for all your wine, art and coffee needs). The gym offers a range of activities including rock climbing, yoga, slacklining as well as a fitness, nutrition and massage studio. See Our Location



Benefits of Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a fantastic sport for many reasons from the vibrant social element, to improving general fitness and flexibility and testing your will on some of the more challenging climbs. Not only does rock climbing get you using your body in positions you probably never have building strength through a full range of motion. Rock climbing is ideal for anyone who works at a desk all day (office workers and students, that means you) as it uses all the muscle groups that get neglected in day-to-day life causing muscle imbalance and pain over a prolonged period.

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Slacklining is a sport quickly growing in popularity around South Australia. It is primarily a balance-based sport that takes a bit of commitment and lots of concentration. While it may seem impossible at first once you spend some time on the line you realise how satisfying and achievable taking a few steps can be. Whether you are an established trickliner or don’t even know what slacklining is, we are happy to help you learn to walk again. Beginners will enjoy walking a shorter line (up to 25 metres in length) while those more experienced in slacklining may want to challenge themselves on the long line (up to 100 metres). With very few places in South Australia offering a slackline make sure to give it a go next time you visit (plus it is free whenever you come down to climb).

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Fitness, Dietitian and Massage Studio

New at Southern Boulder is our fitness, nutrition and massage studio. A private gym space for people looking for their regular gym or personal trainers, complimented by a dietitian and massage therapist we has something to help you at any level.




Yoga At Southern Boulder Is Outdoors In The Vineyard Or In The Magpie Springs Art Gallery Depending On The Weather


Originating in India, yoga is a great way to reconnect with your body and increase your flexibility and strength through a full range of motion. The practice of yoga involves movement through a series of poses (known as asanas) combined with breath control and meditation.

Enjoyed by many people through Australia and around the world for benefits for both physical and mental health yoga is a fantastic way of doing the best for your body and being involved in a community of fantastic people. Our yoga instructors have been involved in classes all over Adelaide, Australia and even the world and have been trained in Bali, India, the USA and through the ongoing support of the South Australian Community.


Parties, Events and Team Building

Southern Boulder offers a variety of activities for parties and corporate events so whether you are having a 5th to 70th birthday party or a team-building day for your work or club in Adelaide feel free to give us a call. We offer everything from renting a space for your event, climbing workshops for beginners, to catered events (including Magpie Springs wine and fresh coffee roasted on-site).


Going Mobile


Southern Boulder has just made a brand new mobile rock climbing / bouldering wall perfect for your next event or party. With no harnesses required you can hire it with or without an operator – we can bring it to you, set it up and you are ready to go, or you can hire it with an operator to supervise the wall and assist climbers while you enjoy your event. At 3 metres high and nearly 6 metres wide equipped with safety mats to fall on our mobile rock climbing wall is a fantastic addition to an event for anyone looking for something different.

We are suited to Parties, Markets, Council Events, Festivals, or anywhere someone wants to climb stuff. 

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Coaching, Classes and Training

Southern Boulder offer courses and training for all of our activities. Contact us about our beginner and kids classes in climbing and slacklining. We will be happy to guide you through the beginnings of your climbing and slacklining adventures, wherever they may take you. We also offer structured training sessions for more advanced climbers wanting to improve their strength and movement throughout their body.

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Magpie Springs Wine. Art. Coffee.

Southern Boulder is located on the beautiful grounds of Magpie Springs just south of McLaren Vale in the Adelaide Hills wine region. Magpie Springs is one of the first vineyards to be planted in the Southern Mount Lofty Ranges. The cellar door boasts a range of premium wines for all tastes and fresh coffee sourced from around the world and roasted on-site. The gallery showcases the work of resident artist Avril Thomas and exhibitions from other artists changing every 6-8 weeks. Available for weddings and private functions or a leisurely day out, Magpie Springs is one of the hidden gems of the Adelaide hills.

Make sure to stick your head into the cellar door and gallery for a bottle of wine, enjoy the one-of-a-kind artwork (and perhaps purchase a piece to take home) and take in the tranquil surrounds.

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Prices, Opening Hours and Bookings


Opening hours

  • Monday to Thursday: 4pm-9pm
  • Friday: 11am-8pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11am-5pm

Or contact us to make a booking out side of the normal opening hours



  • Single pass: $10 (Stay for as long as you feel like hanging around)
  • 10 pass: $80. (10 casual visits )
  • Monthly membership: $60 for the month (our rock wall is your rock wall. Come as often as you desire for the month)
  • Families: ask us about family membership.
    (use of the climbing wall and the gym are under the same membership and are interchangable)

Mobile Climbing Wall



  • $15 per  session
  • $120 for 10 pass

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Gym Space

The gym is avalible for use by trainers and their clients or for people as part of training programs provided at Southern Boulder

  • Single pass: $10 
  • 10 pass: $80. (10 casual visits )
  • Monthly membership: $60 for the month (our rock wall is your rock wall. Come as often as you desire for the month)
    (use of the climbing wall and the gym are under the same membership and are interchangable)

Personal Training and Massage

  • $70 Per Hour
  • $600 for a 10 pass

Available only by appointment

Dietitian Consult

  • Genreal Nutrition Consult (20min) $30
  • Dietitian Consult 1hour initial consult $100
  • 30min repeat consult $50

Contact us, we will look after you...

Come down for a climb, visit the vineyard, art gallery or cellar door at 1870 Brookman Road, Hope Forest or call us on


08 8556 7351